Cessna Caravan 208B Engine Upgrade Program

What are the benefits of upgrading the engine on your Caravan Aircraft?

  • Shorter takeoff distance
  • Increased rate of climb
  • Increased cruise speed
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased asset value
  • New engine warranty

The StandardAero Caravan Engine Upgrade Program replaces your existing PT6A-114/-114A engine with a factory new PT6A-140 engine. 

StandardAero’s FAA Approved Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) can be performed at any of our PT6A facilities worldwide or at a location of your choice. With minimal airframe modifications, a Caravan engine upgrade allows you to achieve a 28-45% increase in shaft horsepower, reduced takeoff distance (under 1200 feet) and up to a 40% improvement in rate of climb (1,200+ feet/minute). These benefits will give you enhanced safety margins for environmental factors, including flight in known icing conditions.

As well, StandardAero offers additional value to these upgrades by enhancing Pratt & Whitney Canada’s new engine warranty with additional coverage.

Dollars & Sense

Not only do you have a stronger, faster, more powerful aircraft, but you also reduce maintenance
costs with a newer and more efficient engine. All with enhanced warranty coverage.

Note: Data based on Caravan 208B (675 SHP vs. 867 SHP), No Wind, Paved, Level, Dry Runway.

For more information about how you can upgrade your Cessna Caravan 208B Aircraft, please call 1.800.204.4105 or contact one of our local sales representatives.