Caravan & Grand Caravan XP140 Engine Upgrade Program

StandardAero is pleased to provide operators of the Cessna Caravan and Grand Caravan with Blackhawk’s XP140 engine upgrade, which allows you to elevate your operations.

The XP140 upgrade replaces your existing PT6A-114/114A engine with a factory-new PT6A-140 powerplant for like-new levels of performance and load-carrying capabilities – all while retaining your existing cowling, engine mount, and exhaust system, and all while maintaining the same pilot training and operating characteristics. The upgrade delivers a faster 195+kt cruise speed, and 37% increased climb rate, allowing you to make turns for unmatched return on investment.

The cost-effective installation can be undertaken in only two weeks, delivering value, performance, and enough power to impress any pilot.

For more information about how you can upgrade your Caravan or Grand Caravan through Blackhawk’s XP140 program, please contact one of our local sales representatives.