King Air 200 Engine Upgrade Programs (XP42 / XP52 / XP61)

StandardAero offers three different Blackhawk Aerospace engine upgrades for the King Air 200 family.

The most powerful King Air 200 option, the XP42 (PT6A-42), delivers a 17% increase in horsepower, 285+ knots of cruise speed, and more than $30,800 annual operating cost savings.

Power for the right price, the XP52 (PT6A-52) provides a $45,000 annual cost savings while delivering a 25% increased climb rate, full torque to FL260, and more than 311 knots of cruise speed.

The most affordable King Air 200 option, the XP61 (PT6A-61), provides a 17% increase in climb and a cruise speed in excess of 305 knots while providing a $45,000 annual operating cost savings.

For more information about how you can upgrade your King Air 200 series aircraft through Blackhawk’s XP42, XP52, or XP61 programs, please contact one of our local sales representatives.