Cheyenne I/II/IIXL Engine Upgrade Program

What are the benefits of upgrading the engine on your Cheyenne Aircraft?

The StandardAero Cheyenne Engine Upgrade Program replaces your existing PT6A-11, -28 or -135 engines with factory new PT6A-135A engines.

Upgrading to factory new PT6A-135A engines provides you with the benefits of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s latest design and technology. With improved engine reliability, the engines shouldn’t require a shop visit for service bulletins, hot section inspection or overhaul for several years.

Not only does the engine upgrade improve reliability, it has reduced noise levels (I, IA, II), maintains a cooler running hot section and improves compressor efficiency – giving you a stronger and more powerful aircraft.

NOTE: Maximum Cruise power, ISA conditions (mid-cruise weight) Individual aircraft performance may vary based on configuration and conditions.

Upgrading to more efficient engines will also help lower direct operating costs and potentially increase aircraft resale value.

StandardAero will supplement the OEM Warranty with a new StandardAero Engine Warranty, giving you peace of mind.

For more information about how you can upgrade your King Air 90 Series Aircraft, please contact one of our local sales representatives.